PS4 RPG Deep Down Gets New Information: The Hero will be Male; Gameplay Video Now With Audio (UPDATED)

PS4 RPG Deep Down Gets New Information: The Hero will be Male; Gameplay Video Now With Audio (UPDATED)

Today during the PS4 Lab livestream on Nico Nico Deep Down producer Kazunori Sugiura shared more information on the upcoming exclusive for Sony’s new console, and we finally had time to translate what was told, filtering out what we already knew.

Unfortunately the first piece of info will probably disappoint many ladies among us, and those that enjoy playing female characters:

  • The hero of the story will be male. (updated)
  • It’s still to be determined if there will be an option to dash to the side in order to dodge attacks.
  • While the Tokyo Game Show demo had a difficulty setting for “casual,” that won’t be present in the final game, where difficulty will be fixed. The difficulty can of course been changed server-side by the developer if needed, like in most online games.
  • There will be a story mode, divided in chapters.
  • Remote play with the PS Vita will be supported.
  • Initially there will be only four weapon types at launch (meaning that there’s one that hasn’t been revealed yet on top of spear, sword and shield and greatsword), but more will be added with updates. The limited number at launch is because each weapon has a very different gameplay style.

Sugiura-san also mentioned that he’s unable to provide any information on the release window of the game or on the date when the beta will begin for the moment.

I can already see quite a few people getting very, very angry at the combination between a male hero and a sexy Cortana-like housekeeping AI. Brace for impact.

As an added bonus, we managed to re-record the six gameplay videos that were showcased during the livestream with audio and better framerates (finding a recording program that works well with Nico Nico seems to be a quite difficult task). You can enjoy them below, nicely bundled in a single clip.

Update: the story originally stated in error that “only male playable character models will be available.” Producer Kazunori Sugiura clarified that he meant that the main hero will be male, but he wasn’t necessarily talking about playable characters.