Sony Sold Over 81.2 Million PS4 Units to Customers as of July 22nd

Sony Sold Over 81.2 Million PS4 Units to Customers as of July 22nd

81.2 million PS4 units have found their way to loving homes around the world, bringing the total of PlayStation consoles sold to 525.3 million units.

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment announced with a press release that the PS4 sales passed 81.2 million units.

The remarkable amount was reached as of July 22nd, and if you’re wondering, we’re talking about sell-through to customers figures, not sell-in to retailers.

We also learn that the total sell-through figure for PlayStation consoles since the original PlayStation launched in Japan on December 3rd, 1994 is 525.3 million units. Yes. That’s a lot.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President John Kodera accompanied the press release with a statement:

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the continued support from our fans and business partners, who have all contributed to PlayStation’s rich history. Without our passionate community, we would not have been able to surpass this remarkable milestone of 500 million units. PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition has been created to represent our appreciation to our loyal fans. We will continue to make PlayStation the best place to play for all, as does our continued commitment to expanding our library of great games and variety of network services.”

Incidentally, the latest sell-in to retailer figure we got for the PS4 was 82.2 million as of June 30th, so the console is still flying off the shelves really fast even five years after its release. That’s certainly an impressive fact, fueled by a strong first-party lineup that finds its cornerstone into strong single-player story-based releases. This makes the PS4 rather unique in today’s market landscape in which multiplayer games and games-as-a-service appear to be all the rage.