PS4 Sales in Japan Pass Four Million Units, 3DS Passes 22 Million Units After Strong Christmas Week

PS4 Sales in Japan Pass Four Million Units, 3DS Passes 22 Million Units After Strong Christmas Week

The PS4 had its strongest Christmas week in Japan since its release on February 22nd, 2014, with Media Create reporting 90,140 standard PS4 units and 10,098 PS4 Pro units that found a loving Japanese homes under the Christmas tree. The 3DS had a strong week as well, beating last year’s sales, but not quite setting a new Christmas record.

Both consoles reached a new sales milestones. Last week’s numbers, combined with historical data, pushed the PS4 past four million units sold, while the 3DS skyrocketed past 22 million units.

On top of that, Media Create also reports that if you count “current” 3DS models, summing up New 3DS, New 3DS XL and 2DS, they overtook 5 million units sold since their launch, so Nintendo’s XDS family gets a double milestone this week.

Both the 3DS and the PS4 had a sluggish launch in Japan, the former primarily due to high release price, and the latter due to slow adoption by Japanese developers, that stuck with the PS3 for a long time, and have finally started to abandon the older console just this year.

Both have since recovered due to price cuts and expanding software catalogue, taking a firm hold of the respective hardware fields. The 3DS is currently dominating the portable market against the PS Vita, while the PS4 has overtaken the Wii U back in September, under the propulsion provided by the new and smiller CUH-2000 model and Persona 5. Of course, the Xbox One (which passed 75,00 units sold in the Christmas week) isn’t really a factor on the local market.

It’ll be interesting to see how the release of Nintendo’s Switch will change the local market landscape, especially since it intends to blur the line between home and portable consoles. We’ll get a glimpse of the reception on January 13th, when the console will be fully revealed, and when it’ll launch in March.