PS4 Sales Pass Five Million in Japan

PS4 Sales Pass Five Million in Japan

PS4 has passed another sales milestone on the Japanese market.

Today’s Media Create charts combined with historical data reveal that PS4 has passed another sales milestone in Japan.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about sell-through to customers and not sell-in to retailer, as Media Create estimates the number of consoles that actually found a warm and loving Japanese home.

For the PS4 family of consoles, that number is  5,002,366 by Sunday, July 23rd, 2017, with sales last week that hit a solid 30,878 units despite the lack of major releases.

Of those units, 4,685,069 are standard PS4 consoles, while 317,297 are PS4 Pro units. Do keep in mind that Sony has kept supply of PS4 Pro units rather constrained in Japan since the console’s launch, and it’s not rare to find them sold out at major stores, especially in large cities.

PS4 launched rather weakly in Japan back in February 2014, mostly due to the scarcity of titles from Japanese developers which local gamers would find appealing. After the initial burst, sales basically flatlined for several months until the launch of Japanese games and a price cut revitalized them.

Currently, the PS4 family of console has been selling solidly in the country, with the prior milestone hit back in March, when it passed 4.5 million units. The latest worldwide figures from Sony are at 60.4 million units in June.

The PS4 is expected to do very well in the next few months in Japan, thanks to the release of strong titles led by Dragon Quest XI on July 29th.