PS4 Sales Pass Six Million Units in Japan After Solid Second Week of 2018

PS4 Sales Pass Six Million Units in Japan After Solid Second Week of 2018

The PS4 passed another sales milestone in Japan, selling six million units in its lifetime since its release on the local market in 2014.

Today Media Create released its new hardware sales chart for the Japanese market, and combined with historical data, it revealed that the PS4 has reached a new milestone on the local shelves.

Sony’s console passed six million units sold through to customers in Japan. To be more precise, counting the 43,808 sold between January 8th and January 14th, 6,027,894 million Ps4 units have found a loving Japanese home.

These numbers are for the whole PS4 family, with 567,563 of the units sold-through being of the PS4 Pro flavor.

PS4 had a rather weak launch in Japan back in February 2014. This was mostly due to the fact that at the times there was a very limited number of games by Japanese developers that the local fanbase wanted. Following the initial spike, sales dropped to a trickle until the games lineup broadened and the first price cut revitalized them.

Now the situation is very different, with the PS4 family of consoles doing quite well in the country despite the strength of the newcomer Nintendo Switch that forced Sony’s offering into second place during the whole Holiday shopping period. PS4 and PS4 Pro combined sold a billion units over the last six months, after achieving five million in July 2017.

That being said, it’ll be interesting to see if the console will pick up momentum, considering that next week it’s getting a ten-ton gorilla (or maybe a 100-ton Rathalos?) with Monster Hunter World. That’ll be an important indicator to see how much steam the console still has in Japan nearly four years since its local release.

According to data from Sony Interactive Entertainment, the PS4 family’s worldwide sales recently passed 73.6 million units.