PS4 Sales in the United States Surpass 30 Million Units

PS4 Sales in the United States Surpass 30 Million Units

The US is the best-selling region in the world for the PS4 followed by Japan.

We’ve known for a few months now that Sony has shipped over 100 million PS4 units around the world, but what we haven’t been as aware of is what the sell-through rate might. Now, that information has somewhat come to light a bit more, at least based on a few different territories.

Thanks to video game analyst Daniel Ahmad, we now know that the PS4 numbers in the United States alone have surpassed 30 million units. This means that consumers in this region have directly purchased over 30 million consoles. The sell-in rate, which is based purely on shipments to retailers, is likely a bit higher.

The United States is far and away the number one region in the world when it comes to PS4 sales, too. According to Ahmad, Japan is the second-highest in the world with 8.3 million PS4 units being sold-through, while Germany and the UK are third and fourth respectively. None of this information is too shocking, but it is interesting to see how it is all broken down around the world.

As we enter the PS4’s last year or so on the market before the PS5 inevitably releases next year, it’ll be intriguing to see how the console continues to perform in each of these respective regions around the world. When all is said and done though, the PS4 will definitely end up being one of the best-selling platforms of all-time. Sony will surely be crossing its fingers hoping to replicate that success next-gen.