PS4 Sells Out in 30 Minutes at Taipei Game Show

PS4 Sells Out in 30 Minutes at Taipei Game Show

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia  is dominating the console scene at Taipei Game Show in Tawan, thanks to the fact that Microsoft and Nintendo declined to participate.

At its massive booth Sony also prepared a sales corner where the PS4, that is currently sold out everywhere else in the small Asian country, was offered for sale.

According to a report on the trade show by Game Watch as soon as the floodgates were opened the situation immediately got crowded, requiring “traffic control” to keep the lines in place. It only took 30 minutes for the allocated units to sell out. The report mentions that there could be a total of over 1000 units, and since the show lasts 5 day, at least 200 could have been sold if their availability has been staggered through the whole duration of the event.

During the event Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Vice President Hiroyuki Oda answered a few questions from the fans, and he was asked how many units were available today. Unfortunately his answer was a “no comment.”

I can’t talk about that too (laughs)

Oda-san also mentioned that since Nintendo and Microsoft don’t have a booth at the event, he feels the responsibility of representing all console manufacturers.

Below you can see a picture portraying the moment in which the console was marked as “sold out” at the booth.