PS4 Sells Over 900,000 Units in Japan After Record Week

PS4 Sells Over 900,000 Units in Japan After Record Week

With the lastest Media Create sales data released today, we learn that the PS4 has reached another milestone in Japan, selling over 900,000 copies as of December 14th (906,566 to be precise).

Below you can see a graph with the weekly sales numbers for the console in the country.


As you can easily see, last week featured a record upsurge, with the highest weekly sales for the console (68,041 units) if you exclude its launch.

The upsurge is to be attributed to a few factors: The Dragon Quest Heroes Metal Slime Edition console was released, even if we don’t have precise numbers on how much it sold. Also, Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 launched in Japan, selling a solid 81,659 units.

Another primary factor is probably the beginning of the Holiday season in Japan, with the weeks around Christmas and New Year being the peak of the local spending spree. I was in Tokyo last week, and the major stores in Akihabara (Sofmap and Yodobashi Camera) and Shinjuku were packed.

Finally, last week came just after PlayStation Experience, and the hype from Vegas could have influenced Japanese shoppers as well.

We have two more full weeks to go before the end of the year, and it’s now quite possible for Sony’s console to reach its first million in Japan before 2015 starts.