PS4 Share Play from Japan to Florida: Sony’s Most Innovative Feature Tested 11,600 Km and an Ocean Away

on March 23, 2015 4:43 PM

PS4’s Share Play is definitely one of the most innovative features introduced to home consoles in a long while, but how well does it hold over long distances? I asked my esteemed colleague Christian Chiok to help me out with a test.

You may already know that I’ve spent the past 20 days in Tokyo (and I brought my PS4 along), Japan while Christian lives in Orlando, Florida. There are about 11,600 Km (roughly 7,250 miles) and a whole ocean between the two cities, and we tried to catch a glimpse on how Sony’s feature performs between a hotel in Shinjuku and your usual household close to Disney World. That’s basically a quarter of the way around the world.

In the video you can see how it went (and laugh at us, probably a lot).

We did four separate sessions, and below you can see the time it took for the initial connection during each session.

  • Giuseppe (Host) -> Christian (Guest), 1st attempt = 22 Seconds
  • Christian (Host) – > Giuseppe (Guest), 1st attempt = 31 Seconds
  • Giuseppe (Host) -> Christian (Guest), 2nd attempt = 23 Seconds
  • Christian (Host) – > Giuseppe (Guest), 2nd attempt = 29 Seconds

The games were definitely playable on both sites, whether in single player, co-op or versus, even if slight lag could be felt. Of course, how much that influences gameplay depends a lot on what game you’re playing.

Other tasks like handing over the controller were basically instantaneous. That said, it was a very enjoyable experience, and not just because we were being (as usual) extremely goofy.

Christian has a good but not exceptional connection for U.S. standards, while the internet at the hotel in Tokyo was basically science-fiction for an Italian like me, restricted to a third world-like one mb/s of upstream, which doesn’t allow me to livestream decently or to even activate share play at all when I’m at home.

Below you can see our speedtest results:

Giuseppe (Tokyo, Japan)


Christian (Orlando, Florida, U.S.)


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