Sony Hires Top Korean Rapper to Sing “Only on PlayStation” Song

Sony Hires Top Korean Rapper to Sing “Only on PlayStation” Song

If you like PS4, hip hop, giant PlayStation-branded bling, and supercars, Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea may have something you'll appreciate.

The PS4 generation has brought a strong expansion of the PlayStation brand in PC and mobile-dominated South Korea, and the local branch of PlayStation wants to keep things going with dedicated advertisement.

That’s why they hired Lee Joon-Kyung (better known as Dok2), one of Korea’s top-ranking (and top-paid) rappers to sing their hymn with a song title “Only on” and a music video that they published today.

The music video, that you can see below, has pretty much all you can expect, including clips from PS4 games, thick shades and hoodies worn indoors, tattooed knuckles, giant PlayStation-branded bling, and Dok2’s beloved supercars.

If you care for Korean rap, you can find about two minutes of enjoyment in the video below. The song isn’t exactly what I would define my thing but to each their own.

In more PlayStation Korea news, former local President Shiro Kawauchi will be retiring this week, after helping shape the current PS4 business in the difficult console market of the Asian peninsula.