New PS4 Trailers from Thailand Tell a Funny and Nostalgic Story

New PS4 Trailers from Thailand Tell a Funny and Nostalgic Story

Sony Interactive Entertainment released two new trailers for the PS4 for the Thai market, and they're really good as usual.

Sony knows how to do good trailers, and despite a couple of misfires here and there, they normally tend to tell interesting, cute, and emotional stories with their advertisement, even when it’s for smaller markets.

This is the case with two trailers released today for Thailand. The videos tell the story of a Japanese exchange student named Takuya that goes to Thailand in 2005 and befriends a local boy that takes care of him and teaches him the language.

While I can’t understand a word of Thai, the story is still easy to follow. The friendship between the two is just slightly sadistic, as the Thai friend really loves to play pranks on the Japanese newcomer, sending him to say weird stuff to people, including a girl he likes, with obvious results. This without mentioning when he sends him to spar against a rather ripped Muay Thai boxer or encourages him to try super-spicy local food.

I really wish I’d know what he tells her. It may have something to do with milk, but I’m not sure. If you speak Thay, please let us know in the comments? Otherwise, I won’t sleep tonight.

Yet, the two bond, and spend long hours playing on a PlayStation 2. Of course, their friendship continues through the years until today, when they spend their times with their many friends on a PS4.

You can check the trailers out below.

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