PS4 Trophies Now Sync Much Quicker Than Before

PS4 Trophies Now Sync Much Quicker Than Before

Now you will be able to show off to everyone why you're better than them at life thanks to new and faster PS4 trophy syncing speeds.

Do you ever go to bed dreaming that when you wake up, you’ll wake up in a world where your PS4 trophies sync automatically? I dream that everyday (including naps). Luckily, that world has gotten a little closer, as Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that trophies will now sync much quicker on PS4 than they did before.

It’s currently unclear if sync speeds on PS3 and everyone’s sexiest handheld the PS Vita have been improved, or just PS4 trophies.

As you may know, unlike the Xbox One which syncs its achievements immediately, trophies on PS4 require you go into the little Trophies sub-menu to trigger their synchronization. And once you get that far — sometimes they don’t sync very swiftly. It can be quite vexing, when all I’m trying to do is show off to my 12-year-old brother that I’m better than him at everything, including trophy farming.

The news came via the following tweet from PlayStation Europe’s official Twitter account (shout out to Nathan Drake for inspiring me with those moves):

How quick “much quicker” is — well who knows..I guess we will just have to wait and see.