PS4 Update 2.0: “Share Play” Tested by The Japanese Press – Impressions on Lag and Pictures Shared

PS4 Update 2.0: “Share Play” Tested by The Japanese Press – Impressions on Lag and Pictures Shared

Tomorrow the 2.0 firmware update for the PS4 codenamed “Masamune” will be available for us all to test, but Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia invited the biggest Japanese media outlets to try out the new and rather revolutionary “Share Play” feature, which basically lets you simulate couch co-op over the internet and to let friends play your games even if they don’t own them.

The big question is: how does it perform? The response of the Japanese media seems rather positive, and Sony made sure to create a test environment that had the PS4 consoles connected over the internet, and not through a local LAN.

4Gamer: Although I’ve had the chance to try three titles (Destiny, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition and Knack), my honest impression is that there was a slight lag. The data has to be sent by the host over the internet, and the picture has to be received by the guest, so it probably can’t be helped.

Even if there was some lag, it wasn’t enough to affect the gameplay of these three titles. It should be possible to enjoy with almost no issue any game besides high action titles like fighting games.

I was also worried about the image quality before I played, but this is better than expected, and it was good enough not to see a clear difference while comparing host and guest screen in the same room.

Famitsu: Essentially, the game feels surpsisingly…normal. To say “normal” might be misleading, but it really feels very natural when youplay. The mechanics of Share Play are based on the host sending the video of the game to the PS4 of the guest over the internet, while the guest sends back the controller input to the PS4 of the guest.

If you think about it, I honestly expected to have to endure a certain amount of delay while playing. However in practice the lag is very small, and a delay of multiple frames can be felt rarely, I guess.

Even a FPS like Destiny can be played without problems. Of course this depends on the internet environment of both the host and the guest, but if you are well equipped you should be able to play comfortably.

Dengeki Online: At the media experience meeting the gameplay environment was actually working through the internet, but we could play without feeling lag or degradation of the image quality even in graphically intensive games like Destiny.

While we felt no lag at Sony, of course it depends on your internet environment and on your connection to the PSN, so there’s potential for lag.

Game Watch: I actually tried it, with the host and the guest connected over the network. Although there’s a slight lag playing on the guest side, almost no input delay can be felt. This will depend on the environment and onthe state of the network, and it’s easily understandable since it’s basically like PS4/PS Vita remote play between different users.

The outlets mentioned above also published several pictures taken from the screens of the consoles at the presentation, and you can check them out below: