PS4 Update 2.0: Sony Shares a Lot of Info on Share Play, Livestreaming Updates and Much More

PS4 Update 2.0: Sony Shares a Lot of Info on Share Play, Livestreaming Updates and Much More

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia sent a press release giving more information on how the upcoming 2.0 “Masamune” firmware update for the PS4 will work, in addition to what was shared yesterday.

If you’ll want to start a Share Play session as a host, you’ll have to press the “Share” button, which will lead to a series of menus to set it up. You’ll be able to invite another player in the same party chat directly.

There are three modes of operation:

  1. Display host’s game screen for visitor: the host has control of the game.
  2. Visitor plays instead of the host: the visitor has control of the game. For this particular mode only the host needs to have a PlayStation Plus subscription active.
  3. Host and visitor play together: both host and visitor can control the game. Only for this particular mode both host and visitor need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription active. The visitor will automatically log out from the PlayStation 4 of the host at the end of the Share Play.

Of course the visitor does not need to own the game, as we already know.

We also learn that videos uploaded by each user on YouTube will be playable from his recent activities area.

In order for the music player to play your own tracks from USB you’ll need to create a folder called “Music” in your USB storage, and the PS4 will access it automatically. Supported formats are MP3, MP4, M4A, 3GP and AAC. Music will be playable during games.

New specific features have also been detailed for the broadcast feature:

  • The broadcaster can now display a simple message on the screen.
  • Voices of others in the same party chat with the broadcaster can now be included in the Livestream.
  • If the broadcast will be on Nico Nico the number of comments will be displayed (this is presumably a Japan-only feature)
  • During the broadcast you’ll be able to use the voice controls of the PS4.

The Live from PlayStation app will also get several improvements:

  • A “Recommended” category will be added, including official broadcasts from Sony and those from friends and favorited broadcasters.
  • You can favorite the broadcasters you like.
  • You can exit a broadcast to operate the menus and still watch the video you left in a picture-in-picture mini-screen.
  • You can watch archived broadcasts.
  • Broadcasts can be filtered by language.
  • The Twitch logo has been added.

Finally, the library will let you sort your content by type (for instance games and apps).

Below you can check out a series of screenshots from the Japanese version of the update.