PS4 Update 2.50 “Yukimura”: Check Out The New Features in 45 Screenshots, Including Unlisted Changes

PS4 Update 2.50 “Yukimura”: Check Out The New Features in 45 Screenshots, Including Unlisted Changes

Today Sony Computer Entertainment released PS4 system software update 2.50 code named “Yukimura,” and if you’re curious on how the new menus and features look like, below you can find a comprehensive guide with screenshots of each.

If you want to read the patch notes, you can find them listed here, and here. There are even a couple changes that Sony did not think to list.

New PlayStation Network icon.

PS4Yukimura (01)

New Power and Power Options Menus

PS4Yukimura (02)

PS4Yukimura (03)

Option to suspend applications in Rest Mode (it’s not on by default, you’ll have to activate it)

PS4Yukimura (04)

PlayStation Store shifted to the main bar

PS4Yukimura (05)

Back Up and Restore option in Settings -> System menu

PS4Yukimura (07)

Back Up and Restore menu

PS4Yukimura (08)

PS4Yukimura (09)

PS4Yukimura (10)

Accessibility option in Settings menu

PS4Yukimura (06)

Zoom accessibility option
(Second image provided by Sony, as it doesn’t appear in screenshots)

PS4Yukimura (11)

PS4Yukimura (1)

Invert Colors
(Image provided Sony, as it doesn’t appear in screenshots)

PS4Yukimura (2)

Larger and Bold Text

PS4Yukimura (12)

High Contrast

PS4Yukimura (13)

PS4Yukimura (14)

Closed Captions menu

PS4Yukimura (15)

PS4Yukimura (16)

Custom Button Assignment menu

PS4Yukimura (17)

PS4Yukimura (18)

PS4Yukimura (19)

Add to Quick Menu option (adds the accessibility options to the PS button)

PS4Yukimura (20)

New Themes option to change the shadow of text for better legibility

PS4Yukimura (21)

PS4Yukimura (22)

Text drop shadow: white, black and standard

PS4Yukimura (23)

PS4Yukimura (24)

PS4Yukimura (25)

New icons for screenshots and video clips in Capture Gallery

PS4Yukimura (26)

Upload to Dailymotion

PS4Yukimura (27)

PS4Yukimura (28)

PS4Yukimura (29)

System Software Automatic Install option

PS4Yukimura (30)

Ability to delete 0% Trophies

PS4Yukimura (31)

New Trophy sort options

PS4Yukimura (32)

Trophy internet search feature

PS4Yukimura (33)

Trophy share feature

PS4Yukimura (34)

Option to Test Connection Speed for Share Play

PS4Yukimura (35)

Discover notification option

PS4Yukimura (36)

Feature to find Facebook friends

PS4Yukimura (37)

PS4Yukimura (38)

Streamlined party creation

PS4Yukimura (39)

PS4Yukimura (40)

“Friends Who Play This” feature

PS4Yukimura (41)

“Now Playing” feature to see what friends are playing

PS4Yukimura (42)

Verified accounts for select developers and industry professionals

PS4Yukimura (43)

This is definitely a quite sizable update, and it’s nice to see that Sony is finally delivering features it promised since the debut of the console in 2013. If you’re curious on what will come next, I am as well, but as usual your guess is as good as mine.