PS4 Valkyria Chronicles Trilogy Rumor Makes Hearts Jump: Unfortunately it’s Fake

PS4 Valkyria Chronicles Trilogy Rumor Makes Hearts Jump: Unfortunately it’s Fake

If you love the Valkyria Chronicles series like I do, your heart possibly had a jump of joy this morning, as a rumor was posted on NeoGAF hinting to a leak from this week’s Famitsu announcing a Valkyria Chronicles Trilogy collection for PS4. The “news” were immediately reported by multiple western sites.

Unfortunately the leak is a tragic fake.

The telltale sign of that was that the Japanese blogosphere was completely silent about it, and we’re way past the time in which legit Famitsu copies are in the hands of quite a few advance readers. If the rumor was true, we’d have seen explosion of joy across the board, but there was none. That’s why I did some more digging.

The original source of the rumor is a thread on the Japanese message goard 2-chan (which is a bad sign already), but what many in the west didn’t notice is that the thread is in the dump for deleted posts, with users calling the author a liar.

To confirm the legitimacy of the post, I reached out to Masaru-san, one of our readers that regularly receives Famitsu the afternoon before release and that often sends us information about its content, and he indeed confirmed that Valkyria Chronicles is nowhere to be found on the latest issue.

Japanese blogs are also starting to pick up on this, for instance Hokanko-Alt, which also has access to an early copy of the magazine. I will spare you a translation of the comments about western websites being guillible, but suffice to say that it’s simply not true.

Re: Zaregoto, which also gets advance copies of Famitsu and already posted all the leaks for this week, shows no trace of anything about Valkyria. 

In conclusion, the rumor is false. While It would have made me jump out of joy, if this morning you woke up and were led to think that a the trilogy is coming to PS4, it isn’t, at the very least not for now.

[thanks for the tip: Masaru Aoyama]