PS4 Version of Akiba’s Trip 2 Gets First Screenshots, More Details on Improvements and New Content

PS4 Version of Akiba’s Trip 2 Gets First Screenshots, More Details on Improvements and New Content

Last week Acquire announced the PS4 release on July 3rd (in Japan) of Akiba’s Trip 2, currently out for PS Vita and PS3, and today the publisher sent in the first few screenshots of the new version.

We also get a few more information about the new content and improvement  included in the PS4 port:

  • The quality of the graphics has been improved across the board. The building and the people on the street will look more “realistic” (from an Anime-ish point of view I guess).
  • Load times will bereduced, for instance while switching between event cutscenes and the map.
  • The number of passers-by will be increased considerably, letting us enjoy a more crowded Akihabara.
  • “Nearly all” DLC will be included, plus two free ones. The Swimwear set for the heroine will be distributed for a fee (isn’t that a pretty convenient selection?)
  • Modes that initially could be used after clearing the game like the Chibi Mode can now be played from the beginning.
  • A “visual editor” lets you fiddle with the looks of the game, like turning it into a cyberspace version, or give it the lighting of a summer sunset.
  • There will be interactive livestreaming. For instance if the viewers type “Help” the protagonist sister will come to the rescue geared up in powerful equipment. If they type “panty jump” after a well executed strip action, sparkling panties will start raining from the sky. No. I’m not joking.
  • When viewing someone’s livestream, your PSN ID will appear on the crowd in Akihabara.
  • The first print edition’s bonus will be a set of costumes for the heroines with different colors (you can see it in the gallery). The ability to change their hairstyle will also be included.

In the meanwhile we got word for Xseed Games’ PR agency, about the possibility of a localization of the PS4 version (the PS3 and PS Vita version have already been announced), even if unfortunately it isn’t terribly helpful:

We haven’t announced anything yet. If a decision is made we’ll definitely make an official press announcement for something like this.

While we wait for said press release, you can enjoy the new screenshots and a trailer just below.