PS4 Will Not Support Bluetooth or USB Headsets Right Away, Update Will Be Added After Launch (UPDATED)

on October 11, 2013 7:22 AM

UPDATE: This information in this post has been corrected to reflect the confirmed information from the original source.

PS3 gamers that are looking forward to using their fine USB or Bluetooth headsets when bridging over to the PS4 may unfortunately have some difficulties at first with the new console, or at least have some waiting to do until they can be used, according to a new report on headsets with the PS4.

Sony has confirmed with Game Informer that headset compatibility from PS3 to PS4 will be a bit tricky – currently, Sony and PULSE-branded headsets will be made compatible with the PS4 through a system update coming at a later point after the system’s launch, along with USB headsets for in-game chat, like Astro-based sets. However, bluetooth-based PS3 headsets will unfortunately not work at all with the new system. Sony also confirmed that headsets that use digital optical for audio will also be able to work out of the box for in-game sound – chat will be provided through the later system update that will allow them to work with the PS4.

While there may be some waiting until then, the PS4 will come packaged in with an earbud headset/microphone that will still let players use in-game chat, at least until their headset of choice becomes available to use with updates for the PS4 – hopefully, it won’t be too much longer after the system’s launch.

Sony will be launching the PS4 this holiday season on November 15th, 2013.

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