PS4 Wins Black Friday Retail Sales, Xbox One Beats Rival Online According to Infoscout

PS4 Wins Black Friday Retail Sales, Xbox One Beats Rival Online According to Infoscout

Retail data-crunching firm Infoscout reached out with a press release with its statistics about PS4 and Xbox One sales during the Black Friday weekend in the United States, analyzing which console managed to stand at the top at brick-and-mortar stores and online.

The data, the result of which you can see below, was sourced from over 1.2 million transcribed receipts spanning the period between Thursday evening and Saturday night, including 1,500 gaming console purchases.

The PS4 was rather firmly at the top of brick-and-mortar sales, pushed primarily by a bundle sold by Target, that offered a PS4 and Uncharted  4 for $212. infoscout3

On the other hand, the result was the complete opposite online, where the Xbox One stood at the top, especially thanks to the Battlefield 1 1TB bundle, which was offered by several retailers online for $299, apparently leaving behind the PS4 Pro with the same hard disk drive size, which was sold at  $399.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the PS4 Pro did not have many juicy deals, since it was recently released, so it’s fairly understandable that its sales weren’t particularly boosted on Black Friday compared to other offers.


Incidentally, we also get a survey between 300 consumers that purchased a console on Black Friday, indicating that only 8% cared about the exterior console design (which includes the slimmer form factor), while the most important factors were (in the following order) game selection, performance and graphics, and bundled game for PS4, and game selection, bundled game and performance and graphics for Xbox One.

Interestinly, very few seemed to give a second thought to compatibility with virtual reality, while entertainment was relatively important for Xbox One, but not very relevant for PS4.


It’ll be interesting to see what NPD numbers will have to say about the whole month of November. With Xbox One topping North America for four months in a row, we’ll have to see if the PS4 will grab the crown back, or we’ll have another month of green domination.

We’ll know in a few days.