PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Atelier Firis Gets Direct Feed Screenshots Aplenty: Sophie’s Return and More

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Atelier Firis Gets Direct Feed Screenshots Aplenty: Sophie’s Return and More

After revealing the return of Sophie and her gang from Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book in Atelier Firis: Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey on the latest issue of Famitsu, today Gust released a large batch of direct feed screenshots.

First of all, we get to see Sophie herself, now twenty years old. She becomes Firis’ mentor in the game. She has a bright and innocent personality, but since she is older she might get to show a more mature side.

Plachta travels with Sophie, and the two have a relationship similar to close friends or even family members. She knows a lot about alchemy, and gives plenty of advice to Firis.

Oskar is back as well. He’s Sophie’s childhood friend and has the ability to communicate with plants. In the previous game he was quite chubby, but a life of adventuring slimmed him up. His appearance has improved considerably.

Drossel Weissberg is a 26 years old playwright. She has strong curiosity and a carefree personality. She’s a strong fighter due to the teachings of her father. Despite being a little rough, at times she shows a thoughtful side.

Sophie and Plachta moved to Firis’ town, and the new protagonist becomes her apprentice despite the strong opposition of her parents. While she manages to prove the power of alchemy to the rest of the village, she is given the task to pass the official alchemist certification test in only one year in order to receive permission to leave.

The screenshots also shows the new “supercharged alchemy.” It requires tens of times as many materials, but successful results can radically influence the results of Firis’ journey.

We also get to see some battle screenshots. It’s possible to select actions of the party members one by one, and even to stun enemies. When attacking a gauge on the left of the screen fills up, and when it’s full a “chain burst” occurs, delivering powerful combination strikes. The effect of items is also influenced by the weather and by the time of day.

Special attacks that include special effects are also available toe each character.

Each character also has a secondary weapon on top of their main one. Ilmeria carries a gun, Revy has a hunting spear, while Riane carries a sword.

Last, but not least, we get a glimpse on Firis’ bonus costumes. The Vacation Resort costume comes as a first print bonus in Japan, while the Wonderland costume will be included in the limited edition.