PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Blue Reflection Gets First Direct Feed Screenshots and Art; Looks Charming

Today Gust released the first batch of direct feed screenshots and art of its newly announced JRPG Blue Reflection: Maboroshi Ni Mau Shojo no Ken, that translates as “Sword of the Girl Dancing in the Illusion.

The game is set in modern day Japan. With the advent of smartphones and social networks, people communicate in a new way. However, the essence of their connection does not change regardless of time: “even when alone, just by taking someone’s hand it’s possible to obtain greater strength and happiness.”

In Blue Reflection the theme is the bonds among humans, and the a girl’s youth drama draws a “heroic RPG.”

The game, is supervised by Mel Kishida (who worked on the Arland series of the Atelier franchise), who also handles the character design. It’s based on the budding bonds between high school girls. They will experience fun, bitterness, anxiety and fear. Such feelings will help the heroine advance in the story, and she will be deeply involved with many of the girls.

She will grow by becoming intimate, crying for someone and some time having a falling out. By harnessing the strength of these bonds, she will become a stronger human being.

The main character Hinako Shirai was going to participate in a ballet competition abroad, which was to be her gateway to success as a young star. Yet, she was forced to withdraw due to an leg injury. She has closed her heart to others, however her body and mind have not forgotten the dancing lessons she has received in the past ten years, and she believes that one day her leg might heal. She loves classical music.

Yuzuki Shijo is a mysterious girl who give Hinako the power of a reflector. Several days after their fated meeting, she shows up as a transfer student at Hinako’s school. She has an overwhelming sense of humor and she is good with one-shot gags, and her personality is liked by everyone. Although they just met, she thinks of Hinako first. She loves chocolate.

Lime Shijo is the other mysterious girl who gifted Hinaki with her poers. She is Yuzuki’s sister and she is in the same year in high school.Unlike Yuzuki, she her principles are more based on efficiency, but she tends to prioritize the feelings of others over her own. A point in common with her sister is that Hinako is very important for her.

As every day’s life goes on at Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School, Hinako harbors a secret dream, to return to ballet once her leg heals. For her ballet was something that filled her life, and now that she can’t perform, she feels like a empty husk.

The girls of the school study, take part in club activities, diligently polishing her abilities, each enjoying school life in her own way. Hinako’s heart will change little by little by encountering girls with various personalities, listening to their trouble, spending time together, or going out after school.

One day Yuzuki and Lime appear in front of Hinako, and that meeting grants her magical powers, changing her life as she acquires the abilities of a Reflector.

Hinako throws herself into battle guided by the two sisters without really knowing what a reflector is, how to fight or why she fights. She doesn’t even know why she gained her power. While she remain ignorant of why she has to defeat her enemies, she doesn’t care, as the magic allows her to move her body freely again.

She is overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, but as long as she doesn’t lose and she can continue to be a reflector, her foot might one day heal, and she might be able to return to ballet.

Yet, while fighting, she will slowly start to realize what is happening around her, and to ask herself question on the nature of her fight and how it could influence the fate of Earth.

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