PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Blue Reflection Gets New Screenshots: Girls, Leveling and Inevitable Fanservice

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Blue Reflection Gets New Screenshots: Girls, Leveling and Inevitable Fanservice

Gust releases a metric ton of new screenshots of its upcoming JRPG Blue Reflection, showing more of the game's protagonists, fanservice aplenty, and character progression.

Today Gust released a large batch of screenshots, art and information on its upcoming JRPG Blue Reflection: Maboroshi Ni Mau Shojo no Ken.

We learn that the source of a reflector’s power is held within “fragments” generated by human thoughts. A reflector’s mission is to protect those fragments from demons and monsters.

When they fix the problems that generated the fragment, reflectors share the fragment’s power with the person who generated it. This is done via their rings.

If a reflector cannot fix the issue, or doesn’t have the ring, they can’t gather power, and fighting against the Original Species requires considerable amounts of power.

On top of that, if the reflectors fail to gather fragments quickly, the world will be destroyed by the Original Species. Lime and Yuzuki Shizou have been waiting for Hinako for a long time in order to protect the world together. However, Hinako is attracted by the promise of a wish of her becoming true.

In order to effectively fight the Original Species, improving the stats of Hinako and the other reflectors is important. Missions and grant “growth points” as rewards, and by spending them, the level of each reflector can be increased.

Not all missions grant “growth points,” so it’s important to clear those that do grant them as a priority. By growing in level, new skills can be mastered.

Clearing missions grants “evaluation points” and the story progresses when a certain amount of those is gathered. That said, as the story progresses, enemies also become stronger, so it’s important to grow the characters at the appropriate pace.

Growth points can be assigned to four stats: attack, defense, support and technique. Growing a stat levels up the reflector and improves skills associated with each attribute.

You can also master new skills by reaching a certain value for a given attribute, so growing your attributes also increases the variety of strategies you can use in battle.

The power of fragments can be used to improve the effects of skills. Each fragment grants different effects, and can be enhanced even further by using items, which are different for each fragment.

We also get to see a new kind of Original Species, named Tifaret. It can fly and launch powerful attacks from the sky.

Certain scenes in the story also include special costumes. For instance, Kei will challenge Hinako at a swimming competition in the summer. After swimming, they’ll have a chat in the showers.

In another episode, Hinako will have to solve Rin Sanada’s unrequieted love problems. This will lead to her noticing a dark aura around Rin, leading to a mission in the “another world.”

Last, but not least, we meet three more students. Fumio Taya is a pianist that was educated sternly by her grandmother. She has been practicing piano since when she was a child, and she is studying it even in high school. She has a habit of speaking her mind and expressing her intentions clearly with words.

Kaori Mitsui is a girl who lacks drive. She lives a slow life playing smartphone games and reading forums. Even if she looks like a bad girl due to her flashy appearance, she attends school regularly every morning, and she is a serious girl at the core. She used to belong to the same track and field club as Rika, but she quit.

Rika Yoshimura belongs to the track and field club. Even if she isn’t particularly fast, she loves to run. She enjoys the refreshing sensation it causes, and and the sense of accomplishment generated by beating her personal record. She likes it regardless on whether she wins or loses. She is very well informed about fashion and trends.

You can check out all the screenshots and artwork in the gallery below. Blue Reflection: Maboroshi Ni Mau Shojo no Ken will be released in Japan on March 30th, while no release has been announced in the west just yet.

If you want to see more you can enjoy the latest trailer, and several character trailers introducing Hinako Shirai, Yuzuki and Lime Shizou, Shihori Sugamoto, and Chihiro Inoue.