PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Night of Azure 2 Gets Lovely Direct Feed Screenshots and Art; Shows its New Girls

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Night of Azure 2 Gets Lovely Direct Feed Screenshots and Art; Shows its New Girls

Today Gust released the first full batch of direct feed screenshots and art of its upcoming follow-up of Night of Azure, Yoru No Nai Kuni 2: Shingetsu no Hanayome (Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon), that will release in Japan on December 22nd for PS4 and PS Vita.

The knight of the Holy See Arshe is tasked with escorting her childhood friend Liliana who has been chosen as the Bride of Time. During their trip, she discovers that Liliana has to be sacrificed, and blinded by sorrow and anguish, she brings her to the house of the Queen of the Moon. There a demon suddenly attacks the, and kills Arshe.

Yet Arshe wakes up, resurrected as an artificial half demon by the Holy See itself. In order to find Liliana, Arshe prepares to fight harnessing her half-demon power, that she didn’t want.

Arshe Anatolia has a straight personality, the kind  that prefers to act before thinking. She has spent her childhood with Liliana and the holy knight Ruenheid, and she is accompanied by her cat familiar Nero.

Liliana Serfin is a thoughtful girl with a gentle heart. She is selected to be the Bride of Time by the Holy See and she’s dedicated to the Queen of the Moon. She talks to everyone without prejudices, and she has a friendly personality with a strong core. She is accompanied by her familiar Fille.

Ruenheid Ariard is Arshe and Liliana’s childhood friend (and new best girl. I’m ready to fight anyone and everyone over this). She can channel the power of her emotion in her sword, and she knows Arshe very well. She is a holy knight as well, but she belongs to the “Culy of Lurdo,” an organization that opposes the Holy See. Her wolf familiar Sharf accompanies her.

The three got separated in the past, but when their bond is restored, they will become a light that will shine in the darkness.

Both Arshe and Ruenheid will fight to protect Liliana (whom they call Lily) and their capability will improve as their bond deepens.