PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Nights of Azure 2 Gets 1080p Screenshots: Partners & Relationships Among Girls

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Nights of Azure 2 Gets 1080p Screenshots: Partners & Relationships Among Girls

Today Gust released another batch of screenshots and artwork of Nights of Azure 2, and this time is juicy stuff for you all yuri fans.

First of all, we get some absolutely lovely artwork of Arshe as she is revived by the Curia by infusion of demon blood, on top of more lovely pictures of Arshe herself, the priestess Liliana and the knight Ruenhaid (who is the best waifu, and I’ll fight anyone who denies that).

We learn that Arshe will be able to pair with several female characters named “Lilies.” Each has her own personality and fighting style. The different combinations can completely change the way battles are fought. It’s possible to bring in battle one Lily and two servants (which are detailed below), and experiment with the different combinations.

Fighting with Ruenhaid as a lily means fighting alongside a knight. She will try to protect Arshe, and they will defend each other’s back, preventing attacks from blind spots.

Her “protect” ability allows her to take damage instead of Arshe when she is in a pich. When certain conditions are met, a “chance action” will be performed, and Arshe and Ruenhaid will execute a devastating combined attack.

Arshe can also bring “servants” into battle. They are animal-shaped spirits that can be summoned. The cat-like Nero has a flame sprouting from his tail, and can turn pretty literally into a flamethrower. Pitts is an attack-type servant shaped like a bee, and she stransforms into a spear that Arshe can wield, increasing her range.

We also get to see scenes in which the feelings among the girls collide and waver. The relationship between Arshe and Ruenhaid is complex. They’re childhood friends, but they’re also agent and knight of two rival organizations. Ruenhaid will try to change Arshe’s attitude by grabbing her arm and pulling her close, but this sudden shortening of the distance among them will leave them staring into each other’s eyes in silence.

On the other hand, Ruenhaid has tender feelings towards Liliana, and she will approach her gently.

Last but not least, we get to learn about two special editions for Japan.

The Premium Box includes an artbook, a soundtrack, a B3 poster, a download code for a costume for Arshe, a special Arshe 3D card, and a bromide set.

The Special Collector’s Box includes all of the above plus a bathroom poster, a keychain, and an A3 tapestry.

Nights of Azure 2 will release in Japan on December 22nd, and if you want to read more directly from the producer, check out our recent interview.