PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Nights of Azure 2’s New Direct Feed Screenshots Show the Beautiful Camilla and More

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Nights of Azure 2’s New Direct Feed Screenshots Show the Beautiful Camilla and More

Today Gust released a batch of direct feed screenshots of Night of Azure 2, that will be released in Japan for PS4 and PS Vita on December 22nd.

We get the official introduction of the beautiful Lily (Lilies are heroines that will accompany the protagonist Arshe) Camilla Arukado. She is the genius researcher who revive Arshe as a half-demon once her hearth was pieced by a demon.

She has been studying half-demons for a long while, and she’s known for her ability to coldly observe the facts, without being clouded by emotions. She even speaks in a fairly emotionless manner. She is the one who provides Arshe with a base of operation and further support for unknown reasons.

When she fights with Arshe she is specializes in targeting enemies at long range with her gun. The gun actually has two modes of operation by switching off its barrel. The long barrel grants precision and power at long range, while the short barrel lets her lay suppression fire from close-up.

Most half-demons lose their consciousness and become feral, but not all of them fall to such fate. Animals that have not been completely taken over by the blue blood and that retain their consciousness exist, and they can be rescued and used as servants. They will help Arshe greatly.

Arshe’s main servant is Nero. His relationship with the heroine is the deepest for reasons linked with her past. The wolf servant Scharf can attack with his powerful tusks and speed, and it can also use electic shocks.

Servants support Arshe in a different way that Lilies. They can use their abilities or transform into powerful weapons.

Another example is Ail, an avian servant with wings of flame. He can manipulate the fire coming from his body, and transform into a flaming greatsword that can cause significant fire damage.

The game will have powerful bosses along the way, and it’ll be important to fight in collaboration with the lilies and servants in order to overcome them. At times boss battles include environmental elements with a gimmick that can weaken the boss, and it’s important to take advantage of them as well.