PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Omega Labyrinth Z Gets First 1080p Screenshots; it’s all About the Boobs

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Omega Labyrinth Z Gets First 1080p Screenshots; it’s all About the Boobs

Omega Labyrinth Z provides a healthy dose of oppai to make your morning brighter.

Today D3Publisher released the first screenshots and information on their upcoming roguelike JRPG Omega Labyrinth Z, that was announced a few days ago.

The game will come with new characters, new items and new systems compared to its predecessor Omega Labyrinth for PS Vita, but as the press release mentions, it’s all about “small boobs, big boobs, mega boobs!”

If you expected something else, you probably never heard of Omega Labyrinth or D3Publisher.

The story is simple. There is a sacred legend of a Holy Grail hidden in a cave under Anberyl Girls Academy. Normally the entrance to the cave is forbidden, but it was opened to celebrate the founding anniversary of the school. The Holy Grail was discovered by the students, but it was taken and destroyed. So the girls begin once more their adventure for the Holy Grail of Beauty.

We get to meet the cast of the game, Protagonist Aina Akimiya, The new waifu Kirio Akanesaki, Nako Mito, Saeri Soja, Pai the weather fairy who likes boobs (not joking, that’s her name), and Chichi the lonely attention whore fairy.

Kirio is interesting, as she is basically Aina’s opposite and the new co-protagonist. She is a yanki who hates school rules and considers teachers an hindrance. SHe also has a complex about her giant G-cup breasts, and wanted the Holy Grail of Beauty to reduce them. Of course she isn’t happy with Aina for breaking the Grail. My tsundere alarm is working overtime here.

The game is a traditional rogue-like JRPG with randomized maps, monsters and items every time you enter the dungeon. When you leave the dungeon, you return to the first level, and if your HP drop to zero, you you lose all your items.

A partner can be brought in the dungeon as a follower, and can be given weapons, armor, and basic strategies to follow.

Defeating monsters in the dungeon causes the girls to accumulate something else in addition to experience to level up, the mysterious Omega Power. It accumulates (obviously) in their breasts, and they get bigger and bigger. As their cup size goes up, they also power-up beyond their level.

Unfortunately, leaving the dungeon will restore the breasts to their original size, but the accumulated Omega Power can be used for purchasing and appraising items.

In the previous game, “K-cup” was the maximum breast size, but this time around we’re going higher, all the way up to “Z-cup.” When into “Z Boobs Mode” the stats of the girls will be greatly enhanced.

Furthermore, the “Hyper Omega Smashing” attack becomes available, destroying dangerous traps and dealing large damage to enemies in an area of three by ten squares in front of the character. While the attack is super-strong, using it drops the breast size back to normal. Any items inside the attack area will also be destroyed, so it’s important to be careful when using this attack.

As mentioned above, the item appraisal mechanic is back. Certain items have unknown stats and names, and they can be appraised directly with the Omega Power stored in the breasts. In order to do the appraisal, the item needs to be placed between the boobs and “stimulated.” Yeah… you know how.

Appraisal done after leaving the dungeon will be executed with the normal cup size, but if you do it inside, you can enjoy it with enlarged breasts.

The Ecstasy Awakening mechanic also returns, prompting girls to fall prey to illusions when using the Ecstasy Incense item, and get all excited to power up. New situations are included in the game, showing different sides of the girls. Touching the heart during the Ecstasy Awakening mechanic causes Omega Power to pour into the girl, and improves her mood.

When the girl’s excitement raises beyond a certain point, the “Bin-Kan-Spot” appears. That needs to be avoided. As sensitivity raises, the girl will enter an “ashamed surrender” state, and if you keep touching the same spot, the “E-Spot” will appear. Touch it to reach a massive climax.

Incidentally, this time around you can use more units of the incense at the same time, and purchase your favorite ecstasy situation at the in-game store.

Last, but not least, we get to see the pre-order bonuses for Japan, the Kokeshi-Lance and the Omega Shield.

Omega Labyrinth Z
will release in Japan on July 6th, 2017, for PS4 and PS Vita.

And yes, I wrote this whole post with a straight face. I swear.