PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New 1080p Screenshots and Info in English

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New 1080p Screenshots and Info in English

Today Sega released a batch of new screenshots of Valkyria: Azure Revolution, and the first official info in English.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the game is automatically going to come west, but simply that at Tokyo Game Show developers often create fact sheets in English for the benefit of western media. That said, we get some official translations of what is what, which is always nice.

Keep in mind that the story part includes what could be considered a spoiler.

A new story in the “Valkyria” saga has begun! In the year 1853 of the European Calendar, five young orphans ignited a Liberation War against an empire with the power of Death, known also as the Valkyria. In the heat of battle, these young leaders were praised as the
heroes who saved their kingdom. After the flames of war had settled, however, they were executed as “Traitors” who decevied the country into starting the war for their personal revenge.

A century later, historians would ask… “Were they heroes or traitors?” An intricately-woven story and top-notch voice acting spring to life on the screen with “LeGION,” the tactical battle system with a classic RPG feel, and “GOUACHE,” the painting-like graphics technique!

●A timelessly dramatic saga: revenge forged in the flames of war The year was 1853 of the Europan Calendar, in an age of imperialism and industrial progress known as the “Azure Revolution.” The Ruzi Empire had risen to the top of the world powers with its overwhelming military presence, but its true might emanated from an extraordinary entity. Death itself served the emperor in the form of a Valkyria, known to its victims as “the Reaper.”

To thwart Ruz’s plans for global colonization, five young orphans waged a preemptive war and successfully foiled the empire’s scheme. Ultimately, however, the saviors of Jutland were executed as “Traitors” who had deceived their country for their personal revenge. A century later, historians would ask… “Were they heroes or t traitors?”

●Tactical battle system with a classic RPG feel & beautiful, painting-like graphics Experience a real battlefield with “LeGION,” a tactical combat system with a classic RPG feel that allows the player to wage war against a massive army. Lead your troops and conquer enemy territory with a squad that uses melee weapons, firearms, and alchemic power.

The intense fights and gripping storylines are brilliantly colored by “GOUACHE,” a painting-like graphic technique invented especially for this title. With its unique color scheme, the action is brought to life by a combination of vivid visuals and subtle splendor.

●A new RPG about death and revenge, presented by a world-class staff & top-notch cast An intricately-woven story is brought to life by a world-class staff and a top-notch cast.
VO Cast: Daisuke Ono, Saori Hayami, Kenichi Suzumura, Hiroshi Kamiya, Yuki Kaji, Takahiro Sakurai, Miyuki Sawashiro, Maaya Sakamoto, Tsutomu Isobe and others
Character Design: Hiro Kiyohara, Toshiaki Takayama
Music: Yasunori Mitsuda, Sarah Àlainn
Scenario: Atsuhiro Tomioka

You can check out the screenshots below, which for once are presented in pristine 1080p.