PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New Screenshots and Details on Ragnite and More

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New Screenshots and Details on Ragnite and More

With today’s release of Valkyria: Azure Revolution‘s PS4 demo Battle Trial Version 2.0, Sega detailed its features and sent new official screenshots via press release, on top of giving new information on the final game.

We get to see the headquarters of the Anti-Vallkyria unit Vanargand, that serve as a hub for the flow of the demo, and in which you can organize your party.

You can purchase items at the supply officer, while the Lieutnant lets you accept missions. The following missions are available: Base Assault Mission on the Imperial Road, Grotsuen Recapture Strategy and Valkyria Suppression Mission. All three can be repeated as many times as the player wants.

Basil’s magic factory is also accessible. That’s where Vanargand is outfitted. In the demo it’s only possible to customize the battle palette, but in the full game you’ll be able to enhance weapons and develop side arms.

It’s also possible to equip Ragnite obtained during missions, customizing the abilities available to each character in battle. On the other hand it’s possible to equip side arms within two categories, guns and grenades.

In the demo only the following side arms are available: rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, grenade, smoke grenade. In the full version of the game there will be more.

The Grotsuen Recapture Strategy mission is an assault on an Imperial base occupied after it was abandoned. You can attack through the warehouse and fight inside, taking advantage of the unique terrain. Once completed, it’ll reward you with a cutscene featuring the rival character Maxim.

The Valkyria Suppression Mission is a mission against the most powerful enemy, a Valkyria. She can only be damaged by Ragnite attacks, and can affect the player character’s emotions using them as weapons. This mission is extremely challenging, and after it you’ll see a cutscene featuring Brunhild and Ophelia.

We also get more info on the features of the full game, specifically about Ragnite, that serves as fuel for magic.

Magic skills will be usable by equipping pieces of Ragnite in the battle palette. Amleth and Ophelia have exclusive abilities, but other than that all characters can equip all kinds of Ragnite, even if some are more effective with abilities that match their specializations.

Ragnite can drop from defeated enemies, be found in supply crates and be received as reward for missions. It’s also available in the city of Elsinore by way of trade or purchase.

Ragnite also comes with ranks, and its effect can vary with the rank. Each skill has three different stages of power, and the most powerful can be used only if the Ragnite matches a character’s specialized element.

Each piece of Ragnite can also get additional skills, up to three. A few examples are power up/recovery up, RP consumption decrease, increased range (melee or ranged), increase surprise, increase impatience.

Last but not least, it’s possible to engance weapons by using Ragnite, with a method akin to a skill tree. Effects include attack up, defense up, magic attack up, magic defense up, maximum RP up, additional Ragnite equipment slots, increased Ragnite attribute capacity, improve dodge, improve guard.

You can check out all the screenshots below.