PS4/PS3 Exclusive JRPG Persona 5 Gets New Info: Unprecedented Size, Dating, Part Time Jobs and More

PS4/PS3 Exclusive JRPG Persona 5 Gets New Info: Unprecedented Size, Dating, Part Time Jobs and More

With Persona 5 finally available in Japan, a few of the retail listings for the game (for instance Tsutaya) include an rather detailed description, providing some interesting details about the title itself, the setting, the kind of activities you’ll be able to enjoy, some of the levels in which you’ll fight, and even the size and duration of the game.

Below you can read a full translation:

For all RPG Fans!! The latest “Persona” Game appears!!

At long last, anyone can enjoy the latest numbered title of the “Persona” series! In this “Persona” on the stage of the contemporary Japanese cuty and at school, while experiencing familiar elements such as friendship and love, you’ll confront the mysterious rumors, urban legends and occult events of the youthful RPG series.

Boys and girls will awaken to the abilities given by the “Persona” in their hearts, and fighting against many difficulties, they will draw a story about growing up.

The big city Tokyo is the stage! Thrilling double life!

Become a young hero who was to move to a school in the big city of Tokyo, and spend a fun year! As a high school student during the day, freely enjoy the school life in the big city. Go to school, and after school go out to have fun with friends, work part time, or go on dates. How you spend every day is up to you!

Punish the evil adults! A thrilling RPG with unprecedented size!!

At night you become a thief, in order to protect the weak behind the scene of the big city!? In the world of the warped minds of the evil adults, the “palace,” which is a distortion of the real world, steal the “treasure,” and redeem them!

The world of the heart “palace” awaits the thief in diverse forms like an old castle built by the greed of its lord, a museum of fine arts or even a pyramid. There will be also a variety of gimmicks, and enemies in disguise to deceive the eye. As the mysterious phantom thief dive into the vivid action!

There will be laughter, there will be tears. This youthful cloak and dagger adventure will finally begin!

While the description claims an “unprecedented size” for the game, it’s interesting to see that the gameplay flow is very similar to Persona 4. We’ll have a year to spend at the new school, with the ability to freely choose what to do during the day, including dating, part time jobs and having fun with friends, while at night we’ll dive into the “Palace,” that is this game’s version of the TV World.

Considering just how good Persona 4 was, I’m perfectly ok with that.

So, who will be your waifu this time?