PS4/PS3/PS Vita Exclusive Attack on Titan Gets Lots of Gameplay Details: Combat, Controls and More

There are still many things we don’t know about the upcoming Attack on Titan game, but Producer Hisashi Koinuma and Director Tomoyuki Kitamura provided a lot of interesting gameplay details in a recent interview on Famitsu.

Below you can read a handy summary of what you can expect to play some time in 2016.

  • Mission have set victory conditions. Gameplay promotes combat while moving through the level. Along the way, the player will encounter secondary “sub-mission” objectives.
  • While the main purpose is fighting the Titans, there are also situations in which the player will have to rescue an ally. There are also hidden missions within the levels, and looking for those secret elements is part of the fun.
  • It’s possible to fight in a group of up to four players, giving instructions to AI companions. It’s important to fight as a group, as it’s easy to die when fighting alone.
  • The instructions the player can give to the AI are normally simple, like attacking a certain Titan. Depending on the character, there are cases in which they can be given direct orders.
  • Since the game follows the story of the anime/manga, it would be a problem if specific characters were missing. Those defeated in battle will be “withdrawn.” They won’t respawn during the same mission, but will return in the next.
  • You can move freely with the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear. With Square you shoot the wire, and with X you use the gas propulsion. Once the wire is attached to the target, you can use left stick to determine the direction of flight [Editor’s Note: Normally X and circle are inverted in Japanese games, meaning that we’ll probably use circle to activate the gas tanks in the west].
  • The sense of speed of the anime has been reproduced inn the game. Initially there was a problem that caused spatial sickness die to all the rapid movement of the camera, but it has been solved.
  • Characters can be set in movement mode and combat mode. Pressing R1 when approaching a Titan switches to combat mode, aiming the wire to the weak points of the enemy.
  • The game reproduces the pendulum movements you see in the anime, and like in the anime it’s really dangerous to stay too close to the ground.
  • The amount of damage inflicted to the Titans will depend on speed and timing. You strike with the triangle button, but if you want to kill a titan with a single strike, you’ll have to time the X button to activate the boost with the right timing as well, to reach the necessary momentum.
  • Different characters have different special attacks like continuous attacks or rotation attacks.
  • Once you attack, if you position yourself well in advance, you can attack again immediately afterwards by using the boost. The secret is in controlling your attitude and gambling with the timing of the boost.
  • The gas tanks and the blades are consumable items, and the distance at which you can shoot the wire depends on the weapon. Weapons are also customizable, and players can set them in a way that fits their own fighting style.
  • Elements that can be customized are the durability of the weapon and its cutting effectiveness, the amount of gas carried and so on. The range of the wire can be extended, and movement speed can be increased.
  • Each blade has a set durability that expresses the number of times you can attack with it. It’s important to think strategically in order to fight efficiently without running out of durability at crucial times.
  • If you came across a Titan that ate a soldier, you can recover his equipment and use it to replenish your supplies. Titans also drop resources that will allow to develop new weapons back at the camp.
  • You can also get rewards if you cut the limbs of the Titan instead of just slicing its neck, so it’s better to cut them in as many places as possible.
  • Leveling up a character won’t change his attack power, but will increase his proficiency by unlocking new skills at level 3, 6 and so forth.
  • Almost all the buildings in the city can be destroyed.

Personally, I find this extremely interesting, and the gameplay sounds like it’ll be an interesting mix between action timing and tactical balancing of risks and rewards.

Attack on Titan will be released in Japan on February 18th, followed by a worldwide release some time in 2016.

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