PS4/PS3/PS Vita Exclusive Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru Gets First Direct Feed Screenshots and Info

PS4/PS3/PS Vita Exclusive Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru Gets First Direct Feed Screenshots and Info

Today Koei Tecmo opened the official website of the newly announced Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru, publishing the first direct feed screenshots of the game.

We get to check out characters, environments and a bit of combat. You can enjoy all the screenshots in the gallery at the bottom of the post.

The story revolves around the life of Sanada Yukimura, and includes his father, Sanada Masayuki. It will be a dramatic voyage in the growth of a warrior, starting from his youth and proceeding towards his adulthood.

The starting point of the story is the “castle town,” where the player can interact with the inhabitants, train and prepare for battle. Everyday events and events leading to battle can be experienced for the first time in the series.

In the castle town the player will be able to talk with both generals and normal townspeople, triggering various events. Training will provide character development in preparation for the next fight, while materials can be collected to enhance weapons. Horses are also available for purchase and can be used in combat.

While talking with NPCs, players will be given tasks to perform in order to determine their role in the story and advance it. After performing those tasks it’s possible to unlock one of six sentences. Having all six involves a “next move” battle plan that can be used in combat.

It’s also possible to enjoy a variety of activities, like fishing and more. The castle town will grow with the story, and events may also leads to the appearance of new facilities.

Players will be able to freely adventure in the lands governed by the Sanada clan, discovering items and even combat situations.

Battles are drawn out across multiple levels, representing large scale battle of a wider time-span from morning to evening. The looks of the battlefield will change depending on the time of day. In addition to Sanada Yukimura it’s also possible to play other famous generals.

The game includes a “full 3D nationwide map” over which the story will unfold. By moving the camera on the map, the player will be able to see the state of land battles from various angles.