DualShock 4’s Bright Blue Light Probably Saved a Baby’s Life

DualShock 4’s Bright Blue Light Probably Saved a Baby’s Life

At times there are positive stories out there to be told, even about something that received a lot of flak from the community like the blue light of the PS4’s DualShock 4. Here’s a story told today by NeoGaf user Khalifa Jayy.

Probably, since it’s hard to tell exactly what could have happened…

But anyway. So I was headed out to the gym tonight at around 9 o clock. I went out the front door only to quickly notice that my parents truck was parked on the street adjacent to our driveway entrance and thus blocking my exit from the driveway. I came back inside our house to ask my brother in law to move the truck so I could back out of the driveway, but I apparently failed to close the front door properly. Anyway, my brother in law moves the truck, I back out of the driveway and take off, and he resumes working on his car in the garage. He was working with the garage door open to let any fumes out that might otherwise accumulate in the enclosed space.

During that time, my nephew, who’s a year and seven months old, somehow snuck upstairs, grabbed my DS4, and made his way to the street through the front door that I seemingly left ajar. A short while later, my brother in law sees that our cat has snuck into the garage while he was looking away, so before he closes the garage door and wraps up his work for the night he takes the cat outside. That’s when he notices an out of place blue light by one of the cars parked in the street. He goes to check it out and sure enough my nephew was out there playing with the controller and some rocks!

He says that had it not been for the blue light out there, he wouldn’t have known my nephew was out in the street / by the parked cars. Assuming that to be the case, he would have been under the impression that my nephew was with my sister in their room, safe and sound…

What a scary thought. Thank you based DS4 for saving my nephew’s life and for ensuring that my sister and brother in law didn’t murder me had anything happened to my curious nephew. In Yoshida and Cerny we trust. Yes I know I’m an idiot for not double checking the door with a child around the house, but I really am thankful that my nephew was kept out of harms way. There are so many things that could have gone wrong had that bright blue light not been shining out there.

We don’t know what could have happened without that warm blue light, it’s doubtless that a toddler by himself out on the street is exposed to great danger of harm and worse.

While I seriously doubt that the DualShock 4’s light was devised as a safety beacon for wandering kids, it’s heartwarming to hear that it worked that way, and in this day and age we do need “happy ending” stories like this one.