PS4’s MTU 1473 Temporary PlayStation Network Fix Made Official by Sony (UPDATED)

on December 29, 2014 5:29 PM

We’ve been talking about it for a couple days, and looks like Sony decided that in sight of the continuing problems some are suffering with the PSN, it was time to shed some official light on the MTU fix that allowed many to access the network with their PS4.

Today the house of PlayStation officially published its own version of the fix, so if you’re still having problems and didn’t try this out yet, you can give it a go with the manufacturer’s blessing.

  1. Navigate to [Settings] > [Network].
  2. Here you will find four (4) options, Choose [Set Up Internet Connection].
  3. Now choose either [Use Wi-Fi] or [Use LAN Cable]
    • If using Wi-Fi – Enter your existing access point password and continue below.
    • If using LAN – Continue below.
  4. Choose [Custom] on the next screen.
  5. Select your normal settings for IP Address Settings. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Automatic].
  6. Select your normal settings for DHCP Host Name. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Do Not Specify].
  7. Select your normal settings for DNS Settings. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Automatic].
  8. Select [Manual] for MTU Settings.
  9. Press enter to pull up the keypad and enter a new value and press X.
    • First use the MTU value of 1473.
    • If the connection test is unsuccessful, try the MTU value of 1450.
  10. Select [Next] to continue.
  11. Select your normal settings for Proxy Server. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Do Not Use].
  12. Next – [Test Internet Connection]
  13. You will see a value under (PSN Sign-In – Successful) if this process was successful.

Hopefully Sony will manage to fully solve the problems soon, making this temporary fix obsolete.

Remember that setting MTU to values different from the default should allow you to connect, but it may not be optimal. It’s advisable to restore the default value once the problems will be fully solved.

Update: apparently connectivity is very spotty at the moment of this writing, meaning that this fix may or may not work for you. It’s worth mentioning that a failed connectivity check doesn’t necessarily mean the PS4 won’t connect online. A better indicator is whether you see your friend list or not after setting the relevant values.  For instance, my PSN Sign-in test fails, but i’m still connected and my console works normally.

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