PS5 Confirmed to Contain a 4K Blu-Ray Drive

PS5 Confirmed to Contain a 4K Blu-Ray Drive

Xbox consoles won't be the only ones that let you play your 4K movies now.

When Sony released the PS4 Pro back in 2016, one aspect of the console that many found lacking was that it didn’t support 4K Blu-Rays. This is something that Microsoft implemented in both the Xbox One S and One X models of its own console and by comparison, made the PS4 Pro somewhat lacking.

Luckily, it has now been confirmed (unsurprisingly) that this 4K Blu-Ray functionality will finally be included with the PS5. The information comes about via Wired’s new report that offers up previously unknown details about Sony’s next console. Sony’s Mark Cerny informed Wired that the PS5 will contain an optical drive that physical games will be able to be placed into. This drive will also function as a 4K Blu-Ray player as well, finally answering the requests of many PlayStation owners.

Again, this addition to the PS5 isn’t a surprising one in the slightest. In fact, it would have been even more shocking if this functionality wasn’t included. That said, if you’ve only historically owned PlayStation platforms and now want to take advantage of a 4K TV you may have, you’ll be able to utilize it just a bit more come next holiday.

This tidbit of information is just one of many have that came about regarding the PS5 today. Other vital details about the PS5 include the fact that the console will allow you to install games in a more piecemeal fashion in addition to the reveal of some of the first developers working on games for the system. We’ll likely continue to learn a whole lot more on the PS5 moving forward, so stay tuned.