PS5 Can (Obviously) Run Games in Native 4K 60FPS

Despite 'PS5 fake 4K' rumors flying around, developers of Quantum Error have confirmed that the PS5 has no issue hitting native 4K 60FPS.

August 15, 2020

Have you heard this dumb rumor circling around? That somehow the PS5 can’t run native 4K games at 60FPS? Sounds bogus… right? That’s because it is. In a recent statement from developer Teamkill Media, we get confirmation that there should be no problem for the PlayStation next gen gaming platform to hit 4K 60FPS benchmarks with ease.

Where did the PS5 panic start? The rumor mill began turning when a few ‘insiders’ started sharing rumors that the PS5 was struggling to hit 4K resolution. In a series of tweets, known gaming leaker Dusk Golem said that he’s heard from developers with PS5 dev kits that the console “struggles with 4K games in particular so you’ll see a lot of fake 4K.” This is in comparison to the Xbox Sereis X, which he speculates as being both the most powerful and cheaper of the consoles:

It’s worth mentioning, fake 4K would mean utilizing some software tricks to essentially upscale an image from 1080p (or higher resolutions) to fit 4K, without the load that is required to run native 4K.

And while this sounds ridiculous, it’s kind of hard to dismiss most rumors about PS5 right now — fact of the matter is, we don’t know a ton about the console and we haven’t seen enough of the games in action. So do we have to be worried about the PS5 running games below a native 4K industry standard? No, of course not.

Clarification came from developer Teamkill Media on Twitter. Following a brushup where a Twitter user alleged that their cosmic horror FPS Quantum Error was struggling to hit 4K 30FPS pre-optimization, they fact-checked the guy on the spot. According to Teamkill Media, Quantum Error is already running 4K 80FPS unoptimized. They have no concerns about reaching 60FPS for the game’s eventual launch:

So let’s put that nasty rumor to bed — with a smaller studio like Killteam Media being able to hit these benchmarks, is there any question that industry giants like Sony Santa Monica or Insomniac Games will have these issues? Without a doubt, PS5 should be in the clear.

PS5 is set to launch sometime in Holiday 2020, though an exact date or price point hasn’t been revealed. Keep an eye on DualShockers for more information as it becomes available. MeanwhileQuantum Error is launching exclusively on PS4 and PS5

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