PS5 Expected to Sell Over 7 Million Units in Less than Five Months

Ryan says the PS5 internally is expected to do better out of the gate than the PS4 did over the same period of time.

Coming off of the massive success that has been the PS4, it would make sense for those at PlayStation to have naturally high expectations for the console’s follow-up, the PS5. According to some new statements from company president and CEO Jim Ryan, it sounds as though Sony internally is expecting the new platform to do just as well as its predecessor out of the gate.

Speaking to the Korean publication Naver (and translated by GamesIndustry.biz), Ryan said that PlayStation is expecting the PS5 to do better than the PS4 did upon its own release. Specifically, Ryan said that he expects the next-gen console will “sell more in its first fiscal year than [we] sold in the first fiscal year at the time of [the] PS4 launch.”

To break down just how many units that expectation then translates to, the PS4 sold over seven million units between its launch in November 2013 and the close of the company’s fiscal year in March 2014. For Ryan and PlayStation to have even higher expectations for the PS5 means that at a baseline level, they are planning for the console to sell over 7 million units once again.

While the anticipation and excitement for the PS5 can potentially push sales to this level, perhaps the only issue in Sony’s way when it comes to reaching these sales totals could tie back to production. A high-profile report earlier this year suggested that Sony was forced to cut its initial production numbers of the PS5 down by four million units due to issues with manufacturing. However, after this report went live, Sony publicly denied that this was true and expressed that its planned number of units that are being made hasn’t been altered whatsoever.

Regardless of what the truth is, Ryan has also previously stated that the PS5 would be more widely available at launch compared to the release of the PS4. If this does prove to be true, then it seems as though the PS5 would be well in-line to beat the first wave sales of the PS4.

All of this remains to be seen, obviously, but we should start getting our first indications of how the PS5 is selling when it finally releases next month on November 12.

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