Sony’s Latest PS5 Ad Features a Cameo from Rick and Morty

Sony’s Latest PS5 Ad Features a Cameo from Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty wubba lubba dub their way into a new ad for the PS5, which features the pair shamelessly promoting Sony's next-gen console.

With the PS5 now officially out across the world, Sony has been launching its marketing machine for the new system in a ton of creative ways.  From celebrations around the world and more, Sony has made the launch of the PS5 a big deal heading into the holiday season, including a new spot with everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed time travelers, Rick and Morty.

PlayStation has released a new ad for the PS5 after its release, which features an unexpected appearance of the infamous duo to sell it. This time around, Ricky and Morty are going the influencer route to promote the PS5, and based on anything you might have seen from their show on Adult Swim, it doesn’t exactly go as planned.

Either way, it’s a pretty funny ad, and you can check out the full video below:

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Rick and Morty have turned to shameless self-promotion, especially for PlayStation products. Last year the pair appeared in an animated crossover ad for Death Stranding to coincide with its release, and naturally, Rick and Morty have a bit of a hard time getting to grips with BTs and what to make of Kojima’s disconnected human society.

The PS5 is available now worldwide. For more on the system, you can check out our full review and our launch guide.