PS5 and Xbox Series X Best Buy Pre-Order Pages Are Hinting at Hefty Price

Best Buy is pairing a popular financing offer to help PS5 and Xbox Series X potential buyers avoid sticker shock this holiday.

August 24, 2020

The PS5 from Sony and Xbox Series X from Microsoft are expected to usher in the next generation of gaming this upcoming Holiday season. When they launch, both consoles are expected to bring high-end visual fidelity, lightning fast load times, and ray tracing technology found previously in only high end gaming PCs. We know basically everything there is to know about the PS5 and Series X from a hardware perspective. Without a release date in place, Sony’s PS5 has already managed to debut its first official TV spot. However, the gaming world is still waiting for the most important reveal for both consoles: the price.

As we get closer to the holiday launch window, we are seeing an uptick of placeholder prices from retailers around the world. But this latest finance offer from Best Buy seems to frame up an anticipated launch price for the PS5 and Series X: and it’s pegging it right around $499 USD. Both of the console’s store pages on Best Buy’s website feature a financing option section at the bottom that suggests the systems could hit the $499 price point:

To be fair here, we’re still looking at this and assuming that like all of the others: it’s a placeholder. Neither PlayStation or Xbox have hinted at a price point just yet, as both companies are waiting on the other to show their cards before announcing an official price. Like the dozen or so placeholder prices that we’ve seen up until this point for both the PS5 and Series X, this one should too be taken with a grain of salt. It should also be pointed out that the financing offer itself is a pretty standard play for Best Buy, who has historically offered similar 6, 12, 18, and 24-month financing options for all of the products it sells.

So what makes Best Buy’s placeholder pricing and financing offer a bit different here for the PS5 and Xbox Series X? Well for starters, the financing offers listed on similar product pages are tailored specifically by item price points. As an example, Nintendo’s Switch ($299), Sony’s PS4 ($299), and Microsoft’s Xbox One X ($399) are specifically only eligible for a 12-month interest-free payment programs from the retailer, as they all fall at or below the $400 purchase tier.

When browsing product pages for items that retail over $499 at Best Buy, shoppers are met with an 18-month finance offer (as well as a 12-month option in some cases). What about the PS5 and Series X pre-order page? Currently it only shows the $499 option with no mention of a 12-month program (meant for purchases below $400). Which, if accurate, could mean that the beefier PS5–which features a version with a physical drive–could float around that dreaded $600 price making waves on Twitter at the moment.

Again, like other retailers, Best Buy could be simply placing its bet with a placeholder price of $499. It also doesn’t hurt them to drive awareness around the finance offer they will have in place in the event there’s some sticker shock when the PS5 and Xbox Series X prices are finally revealed. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer to find out just how broke we’ll all be this holiday when both consoles are expected to land on store shelves.

Joel Taveras

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