PS5 is Said to be More Widely-Available at Launch Compared to PS4 Release

PS5 is Said to be More Widely-Available at Launch Compared to PS4 Release

The PS5 has been pretty hard to snag via pre-orders so far, but it sounds as though it should be a bit easier to cop by comparison to the PS4 back in 2013.

If you’re like many others around the globe, you’ve likely been smashing that F5 key on your keyboard over the past twelve to sixteen hours in hopes of pre-ordering a PS5 on your retailer of choice’s website. Even if your pursuit of Sony’s next console has left with you coming up empty-handed so far, it seems as though you should still have a reason to keep hope alive.

Jim Ryan, the head honcho over at PlayStation, recently told The Washington Post that the availability of the PS5 at release should be larger compared to what Sony had available for the PS4 back when it launched in 2013. While declining to give any specific numbers, Ryan said that even in spite of the pandemic, which has been an added stressor for manufacturers this year, the PS5 should have more units available for sale compared to the last PlayStation launch.

“This has been a year like no other,” Ryan said in the conversation. “But all of that just reinforced our resolve, and the path we determined at the start of the year was absolutely the right one.”

To date, Sony hasn’t really gone on record and stated how many PS5 units it plans to ship around the globe before the end of the company’s current fiscal year. Earlier this week, a new report claimed that Sony was forced to lower its production total of the next-gen platform after it ran into issues with manufacturing. However, PlayStation later released a statement shooting down the report, saying that it hasn’t changed its production number whatsoever.

It remains to be seen just how many PS5 consoles will be up for sale in a little under two months, but it’s at least good to know that, despite all of the struggles of this year, Sony has found a way to better itself compared to the PS4 launch. Anyone who remembers what it was like trying to get one of those consoles at release back in 2013 will likely recall just how difficult it was. Hopefully, things will be easier this time around, even though that hasn’t been proven to be true just yet.

The PlayStation 5 is finally set to release later this fall on November 12 and will be available in two SKUs at $499 and $399 price points.