PS5 Backward Compatibility Feature Reportedly Still in the Works

While much of the details regarding Sony's next-gen console seem concrete, the PS5 backward compatibility feature is still in the works.

October 8, 2019

With PS5 being formally revealed to release next year, there are so many questions that many are asking. Surely, one of those pertaining to the PS5 backward compatibility feature that would allow PS4 games to run on the upcoming console. While it has been confirmed the feature would be coming to the PS5, it seems it is still in the works.

According to Famitsu, it is still not 100% certain that every PS4 title is backward compatible with the upcoming PS5. When asked for more details about the feature, Sony said, translated by DualShockers’ own Iyane Agossah, “Our development team is currently hard at work in order to make 100% backward compatibility with PS4 possible. Please wait for further information”. Essentially, Sony is working to get backward compatibility up and running on the PS5 but isn’t too sure that every title will be compatible.

Back in April, Wired had an exclusive on the expectations for Sony’s next console. According to the article, Mark Cerny told the publication that the upcoming console would indeed be backward compatible due to the console’s similarity in architecture to the PS4. It is clear that this sought-after feature has been in the works, but whether we will see it on PS5’s launch is still a mystery. As the SIE rep said, we will just have to wait for further information regarding the feature.

While the certainty of the PS5 backward compatibility feature being 100% functional is still up in the air, it is certain that Sony’s next console generation will begin late 2020. A lot of details regarding the console have been confirmed including installation choices, adaptive triggers on controllers, and the inclusion of a 4K blu-ray drive.

With all of this PS5 information out and about, Sony President Jim Ryan felt it necessary that Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and most notably, Ghost of Tsushima are all still coming to PS4.

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