Bluepoint's Upcoming PS5 Game Will Be "Largest" In Their History

Bluepoint Games is teasing more info on their PS5 project, claiming it will be their "largest" and will set the standards for next gen graphics.

What’s indie developer Bluepoint Games been working on? While the team has been making major titles this generation, nothing has been so highly anticipated or widely discussed as their upcoming PS5 project. And while we still don’t know exactly what that may be, recent statements from Bluepoint indicate it will be their largest project yet — aiming to “define the visual benchmark for the next generation of gaming hardware.”

News comes from Bluepoint’s own website — following a recent redesign, the team hid in a small tease at their PS5 project to come. While not explicitly stating what they are working on, they indicate that the scope and visuals should be outside the bounds of what we’ve seen from their projects so far:

Our latest project is the largest in our history, and aims to define the visual benchmark for the next generation of gaming hardware.

This only continues to hype up Bluepoint’s already ambitious statements. Lets not forget that Bluepoint’s President Marco Thrush had previously announced that the upcoming project will be their “achievement we’re most proud of.

So where do we stand — let’s take some notes on what this might mean. Bluepoint Games has largely been a titan in the industry since the company’s inception, largely focusing on remasters and remakes like Uncharted: The Nathan Drake CollectionGravity Rush Remastered, or the 2018 remake of Shadow of the Colossus. Those are games with some crazy scope, so being both the largest and setting visual benchmarks are quite the claim.

While seeing them tackle a new project would undoubtedly be cool, we know that the team is dealing with another remake for PS5. And while we don’t know for certain which remake this may be — speculation has time and time again pointed to an adaptation of FromSoftware’s original project, Demon’s Souls:

However, that is far from a confirmation — and other fan communities (including The Legend of Dragoon) are still vying for a remake.

In other PS5 news, we recently saw some leaked (old) footage from the first confirmed PS5 console exclusive: Godfall. This has amped up a dedicated community of PS5 fans, who continue to make some terrific concepts into what the PS5 UI might look like.

By all accounts, we are expecting a full announcement from both PlayStation and Bluepoint Games on the new hardware and software early this year. The PS5 is set to release around Holiday 2020, we will keep you in the loop of all new developments on the upcoming game and console.

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