PS5 and The Who Cross Over in Latest Commerical That's All About Heading into Next-Gen

PlayStation's latest ad for the PS5 is meant to signify the upcoming console leap that is in store later this year.

September 14, 2020

Let’s be honest: when we think about the PS5, the first people that come to mind associated with the platform are Pete Townshend, Keith Moon, John Entwhistle, and Roger Daltrey, right? Well, if that isn’t the case for you yet, it might be after you check out the latest video for the forthcoming console.

To build up hype in the leadup to Wednesday’s PS5 showcase, Sony today released a new ad associated with the next-gen platform that features a rather popular rock song. The commercial itself, which is titled “The Edge” features a number of boats that are heading towards, well, what looks to be the edge of the world. The edge itself is seemingly meant to represent the end of this current console generation, with the transition into what lies beyond representing the PS5 itself.


As for the trailer’s backing song, The Who’s incredibly popular track “Baba O’Riley” is subtly featured throughout. While the song is never outright spotlighted, the iconic opening keyboard section from the track is featured as a sort of undercurrent to the events of the commercial itself. It actually matches up pretty nicely, too.

Over on the official PlayStation Twitter account, it was said that this new ad is meant to dare “players to venture into new waters — and beyond.” As a whole, the video does a pretty good job of showing exactly that and concludes with the message that “Play has no limits.” We’ll see if that ends up being true a few days from now.

After spending the last few weeks getting all of their ducks in a row, it seems as though PlayStation is set to go all-out with PS5 news this week, so stay tuned. We’ll obviously share everything that’s important about the next-gen console with you here on DualShockers as information comes to light.

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