Some PS5 Consoles Seem to Have Different Fans, One Being Slightly Louder

There appear to be 2 types of fans that give off different noise profiles.

November 30, 2020

For those who are tech buffs, it’s been discovered, at least according to Les Numériques, that different PS5 models may have different types of fans. While this doesn’t seem to affect the console’s performance, it explains why some PS5 consoles might sound slightly bit louder than others, and really, it’s an interesting fact to know I think.

Les Numériques mentions that users, including 1 of the writers at the outlet, have noticed that their consoles seem to run louder than what reviews were claiming, such as when the console was described as “whisper quiet”. Curious, the site dismantled its test console and a launch console and found that there were different fan models. The fans differed in how the blades looked and obviously as a result, sounded.

In testing the audio from running the console whilst in a game, it’s said that the test console prior to launch was recording at 39dB (A) whereas the second, launch console rose to 43dB (A). Obviously, this isn’t a huge difference, and there are audio recordings available on the site that show how the 2 sound in comparison.

Image Credit: Les Numériques

The site states that it has had a look at 5 PS5 consoles, 1 being the test console and the other 4 being purchased by those on the editorial staff. 2 of the consoles were found to be equipped with the quieter fan, while the others were equipped with the slightly louder fan. Les Numériques also points out that the fan we see in Sony’s official teardown video is also different from the 2 fans removed from the 5 consoles the outlet tested.

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It’s worth pointing out that there’s no real way of finding out which console comes with what fan unless you remove the panels after purchase to have a nose inside. There also seems to be no indication of differences based on model numbers. Les Numériques does state that Sony isn’t doing anything wrong here and that the company has every right to use different parts providing they do what they’re designed to do.

A few dB’s is obviously not much to be concerned about, but I felt it was an interesting look into the consoles and how the important cooling part can be different. Especially considering how there are 3 different fans shown off through Les Numériques’ investigation, and the end result is that they keep the console cool! While the PS5 has become the largest launch console for Sony, more PS5 consoles are reportedly on the way by the year’s end.

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