PS5 Delivery Trucks Are Being Robbed Mid-Transit By Gangs in the UK

PS5 Delivery Trucks Are Being Robbed Mid-Transit By Gangs in the UK

The rollover manoeuvre has been used no fewer than 27 times this year.

PS5’s are still incredibly tough to procure, especially for those living in the UK, who, since the console launched have been hit by a whole host of issues. On launch day, customers had their consoles either stolen by Amazon delivery drivers or swapped for unrelated items such as coffee machines and pet food. The UK, like plenty of other parts of the world, has also been plagued by scalper groups, who have bought 1000’s of consoles at a time and now, in The Fast and The Furious style heists, PS5 consoles are being taken straight from delivery lorries.

According to a report by UK newspaper The Times, gangs are targeting lorries carrying high-value stock over the Christmas period and stealing their goods, that include high-end phones, PS5’s, televisions and more.

In order to grab the goods, the gangs are performing a manoeuvre that is known as “the rollover”. The move is exactly like something you’d see in a heist movie. Three cars come together to box in an unsuspecting lorry, a thief then climbs out of the sunroof of one car, onto the back of the lorry, opening the door and looting the valuables. The Times reports this move has been performed 27 times this year in the UK alone.

It’s been reported that many of these lorry drivers are hired on a casual, temporary basis and therefore lack the security training required to deal with situations such as these ones.

Although the PS5 has faced a plethora of issues in the first month since it launched, that didn’t slow it down. It was reported that the system had the biggest console launch of all time in the UK, one which “far exceeded the UK’s previous record-holder” which was the PS4, that clocked in at over 250,000 units during its launch.