PS5 Demo Kiosks Have Seemingly Started to Appear at Retail Stores

PS5 demo stations look to be appearing at retail stores, although you shouldn't get too excited just yet.

With every passing week, Sony seems to be slowly setting up its next-gen console, the PS5, at retail storefronts. While it has yet to go live for pre-order, the upcoming PlayStation console made waves last week when many started to take note of its product placement page on Amazon. Now, it seems as though Sony is taking the next steps to prepare the PS5 in big box stores.

Shared by user @AllGamesDelta_ over on Twitter, PlayStation reportedly looks to be setting up PS5 related kiosks at storefronts in the UK. The tweet, which you can find below, shows that a standee of some sort is being prepared at a store in the region. Even though it isn’t finished being built out just yet, the stand looks like it includes a couch, a place for a TV, and some ports in which DualSense controllers will likely be attached.

While no PS5-specific branding can be seen on the stall, it’s worth noting that the color scheme of the setup is nearly identical to that of the PS5. Plus, there doesn’t really seem to be any reason why Sony would be setting up a standee like this unless it was related to the PlayStation 5.

So what exactly does this mean? Well, based on the image alone, it looks as though Sony could be preparing to take the PS5 to certain retail stores in order to let prospective consumers get hands-on time with the console. As of now, Sony hasn’t announced plans to do this, but it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility. When PlayStation VR launched back in 2016, Sony set up demo kiosks just like this to let fans try out the headset before release.

That said, even if this is part of Sony’s plan to let players try out the PS5 ahead of time, it might not be something that will happen worldwide. Given the nature of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some regions around the globe might not be in a place to allow something like this to happen. After all, having a bunch of PlayStation fans pack themselves tightly into a confined space in order to see or play the PS5 doesn’t seem like a great idea right now. And heck, even in the United States, storefronts like Walmart have already announced that they won’t be open on major shopping days this year.

So while it might be exciting to see that demo stations like this one are apparently going up at retail stores in certain places, keep in mind that something like this may never appear in your neck of the woods. That’s just the nature of 2020, unfortunately.

Luckily, even if you can’t get hands-on time with the PS5 until it launches, the console’s arrival really isn’t that far away at this point. The PlayStation 5 is still slated to release at an undetermined price later this holiday season.

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