Sony Says New Kiosks Appearing at Retail Stores Aren't Associated with PS5

PS5 demo stations don't look to be coming to storefronts just yet, according to a new message directly from Sony.

Yesterday, we ran a story that seemed to indicate that Sony was beginning to set up demo stations for the PS5 at certain retail stores around the globe. As of today, we have now learned that this isn’t necessarily the case.

In a statement given to IGN, a representative from PlayStation has said that the image of what looked to be a demo kiosk for the PS5 is actually not related to the next-gen console after all. While the Sony messenger declined to say anything further about what the standees could be for, it has been made clear that whatever it is, it doesn’t involve the PS5.

As I theorized previously, it definitely seemed a bit odd that Sony would look to set up demo stations like this at retail stores in various parts of the world given that we’re currently going through a pandemic. Having people come together, huddle around the TV, share the same controllers, and sit on the same couch to experience PS5 games prior to launch just doesn’t seem like a smart idea. So with that line of thinking, it’s probably a good thing that Sony isn’t planning to do in-store demos.

That said, it does remain a bit curious just what this kiosk was for in the first place. The color scheme looks oddly resemblant of the PS5 itself and it definitely looks to be a demo station of some sort. Then again, PS4 demo stations are still pretty common in retail chains around the globe, so maybe whatever store this picture stems from is just getting a new kiosk for the current-generation hardware.

We’ll likely start to see PS5 kiosks pop up in stores around the world at some point in the future, likely after the PlayStation 5 itself has launched. Until then, it seems as though we’ll have to just keep waiting until the console is officially out to get our hands on it.

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