PS5 Dev Kits Apparently Have Been Spotted

Here's our first "official" look at the PS5 model that developers around the world currently have.

A few months back, a patent leaked that seemed to reveal the look of the PS5 dev kit. Now, the look of these dev kits has seemingly been spotted in the wild, verifying the accuracy of the patent.

An image of two PS5 dev kits was recently shared by user @Alcoholikaust on Twitter. The two models are primarily black and silver in color and also feature a V-shaped top which is apparently meant to help ventilate the system. We also see a controller plugged into one of the dev kits, but it just seems to be a standard DualShock 4. The PS5 is planned to launch with the DualShock 5, but units of this new controller may not be in the hands of developers just yet which is why they’re utilizing the PS4 controller for now.

As has been mentioned countless times before, it’s worth noting that just because the PS5 dev kit looks like this doesn’t mean that the PS5 itself, which is set to launch next year, will look even remotely the same. Dev kits often look nothing at all like their actual console counterparts. If you look in the image above, you can even see PS4 dev kits in the top right corner and it looks nothing like the PS4 that you probably have in your entertainment center. Dev kits are often pretty much just a giant hunks of metal and plastic filled with the same internals as the console they’re mirroring. The same is almost certainly true here with the PS5, too.

While we have yet to officially see the PS5, that likely will be changing in the coming months. With the platform set to arrive next holiday season, Sony will surely get the ball rolling on PS5 talk early on in 2020, if I had to imagine. Regardless of when we might see or hear more of the next-gen console though, it’s exciting to know that developers are currently working on new games for the platform right now. Next year should be a whole lot of fun.

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