PS5 DualSense Allows Developers to Use in-Game Sounds for Generating Vibrations

PS5 DualSense Allows Developers to Use in-Game Sounds for Generating Vibrations

A recent interview with one of the researchers who has worked on PS5's DualSense reveals interesting facts about the controller's vibration algorithm.

This might be a deep-technology article a little bit, but it’s interesting to find out how Sony’s tech veterans have approached the vibration system in PS5’s DualSense controllers. A new interview with Sony’s tech team reveals that developers can trigger the vibration patterns by in-game sound effects.

Yukari Konishi, one of the tech specialists at Sony’s R&D, has recently been interviewed by the company’s technology magazine, explaining DualSense’s Haptic system and their researches for inventing a new algorithm for the controller’s vibration generator. According to Konishi, the Haptic system is a great opportunity for developers to create more realistic moments in the game by allowing the player to feel the touch of things in the game.

That being said, it might a hard procedure for game developers to learn about this new feature and the ways they can use it in their games. As a result, Sony’s tech department started new research on how they can write a new algorithm to generate the vibration patterns of DualSense by an in-game sound effect or image. “In this way, we have not only developed a tool that allows game creators to design an impactful, natural and comfortable vibration waveform in fewer steps, but also created a method of almost automatically generating vibration patterns from a game’s sound effects,” says Konishi.

More than everyone, this would make game developers excited to implement new features to their upcoming projects with thanks to a way as simple as putting a specific sound effect in the game.

Aside from its new look, PS5’s DualSense has some distinct features that you cannot find in DualShock 4, at least not at the level the new controller offers.

Sony’s PS5 still doesn’t have an exact release date, with some of the rumors suggesting a mid-November launch while some others insisting on an October launch.