PS5 DualSense Controller Concept Shows Impractical but Cool Design

A PS5 concept controller that can play Ori!?

May 14, 2020

A very nifty video has surfaced online of a fan-created version of the newly announced DualSense controller for PS5 in action. However, the way it operates seems as if it’d be incredibly troublesome? Still worth a nose though!

Uploaded by Iskander Utebayev to Instagram, the video shows off a dark version of the controller which looks shinier than the images we saw during the reveal. After all, this is what they want as the caption reads, “DualSense® my vision.”

The video below is missing the capture buttons shown on the face next to the d-pad and buttons, but otherwise, it looks fairly believable. The controller is shown working with a mocked-up PS5 home screen which does look rather swish and layered.

What’s more, the big empty space on the front that’s usually a touchpad? This expands out, making the controller a bit bigger. The screen is a touchscreen and shows a similar screen that can be seen on the TV. There are also numerous icons for easy access, such as Trophies, Wi-Fi, and more. That’s also not the only expandable feature in this design, the sides expand to reveal what looks like hot-key buttons on the touchscreen.

It certainly looks fancy, futuristic, and stylish, but it also looks incredibly impractical. I can already imagine a significant battery drain just trying to run all the little lights, and the screen and expanding mechanics seem to just be a nuisance. Imagine getting your skin caught in grooves when it closes. If you’re wondering if this is real, it isn’t, especially considering how Ori shows up along with Cyberpunk 2077. 

But hey, Iskander Utebayev did a good job at showing what an over-the-top controller would look like! What do you think about the design and mechanics shown here? Would you love a controller that can do all these fancy doo-hickey things or would you just be glad to have a simple controller?

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