DualSense PS5 Controller Confirmed to Contain a Headphone Jack

DualSense PS5 Controller Confirmed to Contain a Headphone Jack

The PS5's DualSense controller will indeed contain an audio port allowing you to freely plug in your own gaming headset, much like the DualShock 4.

Sony yesterday revealed the PS5’s new controller, formally called the DualSense, and along with the visual unveiling of the new model, a variety of new details were also given. However, one mentionable that Sony didn’t touch on with the DualSense’s reveal came in the way of whether or not the controller would contain an audio jack, which could be used to plug in your own headsets, much like the DualShock 4 currently offers. Fortunately, the team at PlayStation has now clarified this aspect of the DualSense.

Following the PS5 controller’s announcement, PlayStation Product Manager Toshimasa Aoki was asked on Twitter by one fan whether or not DualSense would contain a headphone port. Luckily, Aoki confirmed that the DualSense would indeed contain this input and that it was much like the one that is presently available on the DualShock 4.

So just what does this mean for the DualSense? Well, it ensures that a variety of common gaming headsets will now be able to be used with the controller. Even though many headsets nowadays can be linked to consoles via Bluetooth, some players still prefer to directly link their headphones or headsets to their controllers. With the PS5 and DualSense, that option will still be readily available.

The DualSense will come packaged with the PS5 console when the system launches later this year in the Holiday 2020 window. Sony says we’ll start to see much more of the next-gen platform in the coming months, so stay tuned.